cat exam

Number of Ghazwat mentioned in Holy Quran?
A 11
B 12✔
C 13
D 10

“Makki Period of the Holy Quran Consists of?
A.12 Years 9 Months 5 days✔
B.13 Years 9 Months 29 days
C.11 Years 2 Months 5 days
D.12 Years

Meaning of Aayat is ______________.
(A) Ant
(B) Man
(C) Sign✔
(D) Cow

Which masjid was found by Hazrat Sulaiman AS?
(a) Al-Aqsa✔
(b) Masjid-e-Namra
(c) Al-Qartaba
(d) None of these

Which is the oldest Holy book:
A. The Torait✔
B. The Zuboor
C. The Injeel
D. The Qur’an

Only sahabi without seeing Prophet is ?
A. Abdurreham
B. Qasim
C. Awais Karni✔
D. Usman

Hazrat…………….. accepted Islam first in Women:
A. Hazrat Amina
B. Hazrat Khadija✔
C. Hazrat Ayesha
D. Hazrat Hafsa

Eid Prayer is………..?
A. Wajib✔
B. Mustahib
C. Farz
D. Sunnat

Namaz-e-Istisqa is prayer for
A. Wealth
B. Rain✔
C. Peace
D. None of the above

Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice:
A. Muhammad
B. Yaaseen
C. Al-Namal✔
D. Aal-e-Imraan

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